Aeration and irrigation of trees in cities / Moving large trees

Due to climate change we are in need of more trees in cities serving as “air- condition”. In order to fully unfold their effect trees need to get old and large. For this purpose the roots need sufficient space and soil compaction must be delayed.

The innovative Lite-Nets irrigate and aerate tree roots extensively, efficiently and regularly. The roots may grow through the net and compaction is thus prevented.

The bases for the very voluminous, robust and flexible Lite-Nets are retentive nonwovens. These environmentally friendly, high-strength and rot-proof geotextiles/nonwovens consist of long-lasting polypropylene or biologically degradable raw material such as wood fibre and PLA. As these nonwovens contain up to approx. 90% open and interconnected voids, they can drain air and water very well on the one hand and additionally serve as a water reservoir.

Lite-Net in place

The non-woven nets can be installed in different ways, e.g. fully inserted into a plant pit and lifted up to the surface along the walls. The void volume of each vertical rectangle side of an average tree pit corresponds to the cross-section of a DN 100 pipe. Due to the elasticity of Lite-Net, the surrounding soil is not compacted completely. Passing cars and strong wind even pump air into the soil. In addition, the vegetation net with roots increases the stability of the tree.

All these features replace common methods which have been used so far, such as circumferential drain (pipe ventilation which does not aerate and irrigate extensively, but only linearly) in a simple and cost-effective way. Thus the Lite-Net is ideal for trees in cities!

Lite-Net can be used for new plantations as well as for moving large trees:

Vegetation net and irrigation bag

As a start-up support for rooting the tree (planting new trees) the Lite-Net in its version as a vegetation net is placed directly around the root bales. The vegetation net can consist of long-lasting polypropylene or biologically degradable raw material such as wood fibre or PLA. An ideal combination is the addition of irrigation bags or a tree watering reservoir, whose water can be directed to the roots through the vegetation net in an efficient, fast and regular way.

Planting new tree

Tree roots screen

In addition, the Lite-Net can be inserted into the whole tree pit when moving large trees as a tree roots screen. There it absorbs air and water in order to spread it most quickly and extensively at root level.

Moving large tree

Lite-Strips as additional water reservoir

As an additional water reservoir, it is possible to mix Lite-Strips into the soil surrounding the root ball. The use of 100% biodegradable Lite-Strips Bio out of wood fibre (approx. 1 year) or PLA (approx. 5 years) prevents the raising or breaking of the tree grille, as the roots can grow into the voids liberated by the degraded Lite-Strips Bio.


breaks easily


high evaporation


not aesthetic

Conventional city tree irrigation

BlueLite-Net finds a completely new application for city trees: Among the disadvantages of conventional underground irrigation pipes are bad and irregular water distribution with changing soil characteristics as well as the danger of possible obstructions and an irregular as well as uneven water supply. This is why most irrigation pipes are placed on surface. But there they often suffer damages, which again leads to water no being distributed regularly.


With the active BlueLite-Net irrigation system, which is placed 5-15 cm below surface, the pipe is protected by a nonwoven covering against obstructions and leads the water directly into the soil and to the roots, with a contact surface a increased by a thousand. Combined with a vegetation net, the water can also be lead to the root bale. As water doesn’t evaporate and is lead to where it is most needed, a high quantity of water can be saved.

The advantages in comparison to common pipe ventilation systems are obvious:







Moving large trees in Italy

Planting new trees for the capital City of Upper Austria, Linz

New plantation palm tree

Planting new trees for Wörlitzer Park and Denmark

Lite-Net was used for small leaf linden (tilia cordata) in the romantic and mystical area within Wörlitzer gardens. Our products were also used in Denmark!

Tree roots net – moving large trees

Vegetation Net – moving large trees

Vegetation Net – planting new trees in the Netherlands

BlueLite-Net – city trees

Lite-Net for subsurface tree gates

Lite-Rootprotect root protection