The root protection

Most damage to trees occurs on construction sites. Although tree protection is required by numerous laws and standards, roots are still often torn off and damaged by construction vehicles.

The consequential damage is enormous and can range from dying to falling trees.

Our Lite-Rootprotect root bandage consists of a 10 cm wide roll of 100% biodegradable water storage fleece. It is simply wrapped around the exposed roots and moistened. The wider Lite-Rootprotect M and L can be used optimally as a root curtain. It holds water much better than conventional building site fleeces or jute mats. In combination with our fleece-covered drip irrigation hose at the top edge, moisture retention can also take place automatically.


Not only protects against sun and damage, but also keeps the roots permanently moist! Lite-Rootprotect is 100% biodegradable and therefore does not have to be dismantled again.

Lite-Rootprotect root bandage