Water storage close to the roots

The usually 7 or 12 cm long Lite-Strips serve mainly as a water reservoir. For this purpose, the thick geotextile strips are mixed into the soil (depending on the application between 2 and 20% volume). Up to 90% of the geotextile’s volume can be filled with water and thus help plants over longer dry periods. In green roofs, the high water absorbency of the lightweight strips results in a large weight advantage over conventional materials (e.g., clay spheres).

LongLite-Strip can easily be cut off in any length from a roll (eg 4 cm wide, 10 m long) and placed in the ground as an excellent water reservoir.

For aeration of lawns, the strips are inserted vertically from above into the ground. Water taken up on the surface as well as air is led through the strips into the underground. This prevents entanglement and roots are guided deeper into the soil. This novel aeration offers long-term benefits.