Materialien: Bio1, Bio5 und PP

The LITE-SOIL materials are available in three versions.

Bio1: 100% biodegradable after 1-2 years

Bio1 stands for all our products, which are made of 100% cellulose fibres, simply put wood. This decomposes completely biologically after about 1 season up to 2 years. This makes it ideal for annual plants (flowers, tomatoes and other vegetable plants) or because you only want to support plants, rolled turf or embankment greenery in the growing phase.

Bio5: 100% biodegradable/composted after approx. 5-10 years

Bio5 stands for all our products, which consist of 30% cellulose fibres and 70% PLA (polylactides).  This completely biodegrades or composts itself after approx. 5-10 years.  So it is ideal for all kinds of plants, even perennial plants or because you want to reuse it several times even on annual plants.

PP: 100% durable and sustainable

PP stands for all our products that are made of 100% polypropylene. So it is ideal for all kinds of plants, especially perennials or because I want to use them again and again. Worked into the soil, the fleece functions permanently as a water reservoir.

Of the LITE-SOIL materials, PP is the most durable.

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