The effective underfloor irrigation

The active BLUELITE-NET system is a completely new and technically improved solution for water-saving underfloor irrigation for e.g. trees or sports fields.

It consists of 3 elements:

1 Pipe for drip irrigation

2 BLUELITE-COVER (a protective fleece coating for the pipe that transports the water into a

3 LITE-NET in which it is then distributed over a large area at the root level.


The BLUELITE-COVER distributes the water linearly along the pipe, thereby multiplying the water/earth contact area a thousand fold and protecting the pipe openings against root ingrowth and against blockage by fine particles of soil.

The BLUELITE-COVER for the irrigation pipe therefore has several functions:

Protection of the irrigation pipe openings against ingrowth of plant roots
Protection of the openings of the irrigation pipe against clogging by fine soil particles
Water distribution in longitudinal direction of the irrigation pipe (important for soil mix)
Contact or water transfer to the distribution network
A thousandfold increase in the contact area of water with the ground
Mechanical protection of the irrigation pipe
If the irrigation pipe fails, it can be replaced in-situ with a new one

Underground irrigation means that evaporation, felting or surface waterlogging are non-existent, which reduces the costs of surface treatment. Irrigation is possible at any time and continuously, even when the lawn is being played on or mowed. Due to the open and flexible shape of the net, there is no barrier whatsoever, i.e. it can be laid at any depth, as plant roots can easily grow through it, anchor themselves around the net and thus extract 100% of the water stored in the net when needed. The plants are also optimally supplied during the growth phase or when a plant mix is being grown. Compared to spray irrigation, up to 70 % water is saved.

If desired, the BLUELITE-COVER can also be delivered without an irrigation pipe and other pipes can be inserted yourself.

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