Pipe for drip irrigation + The fleece coating for protection / pipe protection

Pipe protection BLUELITE-TUBE

It consists of theBLUELITE-COVER(fleece coating) and a Pipe for drip irrigation. Pipe + pipe protection. The BLUELITE-COVER protects the pipe for drip irrigation. The fleece coating distributes the water linearly along the irrigation pipe, multiplying the water/earth contact area a thousand times and protecting the pipe openings against root ingrowth and against clogging by fine particles of soil. A perfect pipe protection for underground irrigation. The BLUELITE-COVER for the irrigation pipe therefore has several functions:

  • Protection of the openings of the irrigation pipe against ingrowth of plant roots
  • Protection of the openings of the irrigation pipe against clogging by fine soil particles
  • Water distribution in longitudinal direction of the irrigation pipe (important for soil mix)
  • Contact or water transfer to the distribution network
  • thousandfold increase of the contact surface of the water with the ground
  • Mechanical protection of the irrigation pipe
  • If the irrigation pipe fails, it can be replaced in-situ with a new one

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