The water accumulating net

LITE-NET, which is installed root-deep in the ground, works like networked water veins. It distributes air and water over a large area at root level and serves as a water reservoir. If required, all the water is available for the roots, since the open net structure allows roots to grow through it without any problems and dock to the fleece all around. A very flexible, 3-dimensional installation is also possible. The 8 mm thick basic version stores up to 7 l of water per m².

In addition to the standard mesh size C20 with a diameter of approx. 13 cm, there are also smaller meshes C14 with a diameter of approx. 9 cm available for e.g. embankment greenery or growth nets.

The biodegradable LITE-NET is used for e.g. embankment greening, growth nets and distribution nets for trees, raised beds and larger plant troughs, vegetable beds or lawns.

The permanent variants are used e.g. as a distribution component for underground irrigation systems, as well as for sports fields, green roofs, tree pit inserts, vineyards, lawns, embankment greening and filter basins.


LITE-NET vegetation net

the vegetation net for trees

As a start-up support for rooting the tree (planting new trees) the LITE-NET in its version as a vegetation net is placed directly around the root bales. The vegetation net can consist of long-lasting polypropylene or biologically degradable raw material such as wood fibre or PLA. An ideal combination is the addition of irrigation bags or a tree watering reservoir, whose water can be directed to the roots through the vegetation net in an efficient, fast and regular way.

Wasserspeicher Wasser sparen Baum Anwachsen LITE-NET

LITE-NET distribution net for trees

The net for trees to grow and thrive

LITE-NET  distribution net placed underneath the vegetation net leads air, water & roots into the width and serves as additional water storage. It can also be used to guide roots under paved surfaces, drain tree pits and increase the stability of the tree.

For pipe irrigation, a two layer installation of the LITE-NET distribution net is recommended, as it collects and stores excess water – which otherwise flows inefficiently past the root ball – and brings it to the roots.

LITE-NET Tree pit net

For the long-term supply of the tree roots

With the LITE-NET tree pit network, the roots of the already grown trees are supplied with air & water permanently and extensively, the stability of the tree is increased and deep-seated roots are directed into the width.

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