Effective below-ground irrigation for trees

The disadvantage of conventional drip irrigation pipes when laid underground is the risk of clogging of the nozzles by fine particles and roots in the soil and uneven water distribution. Therefore, these pipes are normally laid above ground. There, however, they are often damaged, so that a sufficient water supply is no longer guaranteed.

Hence the solution with the BLUELITE-RING: In existing trees, the BLUELITE-RING– a wool-covered watering tube – is placed in a ring around the trunk at a depth of approx. 5-10 cm and is connected to a branch line. For new tree plantations the BLUELITE-RING is placed in a LITE-NET growth net. In this way the water is effectively and evenly directed to the roots.

Other advantages: No clogging of irrigation holes by roots or fine particles. The escaping water is distributed capillary in the fleece blanket and irrigates the environment uniformly over a very large contact area. Protection of the irrigation pipes against vandalism and the influence of ultraviolet rays. Personnel costs and water consumption are significantly reduced.


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