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LITE-SOIL in the Schaffenwir 2022

LITE-SOIL in the Espace Publique & PAYSAGE 2022

LITE-SOIL Winner of the GaLaBau Innovation Medal 2022

LITE-SOIL in the August issue of Sportplatzwelt magazine 2021

LITE-SOIL in the August issue of Stadionwelt 2021 (Germany)

LITE-SOIL in the May issue of Wiener Wirtschaft 2021

LITE-SOIL at the #UnternehmenUmwelt Challenge of Junge Wirtschaft 08/21

LITE-SOIL on in May 2021

LITE-SOIL in the Spanish “garden magazine” in April 2021

LITE-SOIL im belgischen Magazin “Het Nieuwsblad” – April 2021

LITE-SOIL in Freiraum Gestalter Magazine – March 2021

LITE-SOIL in TOP GEWINN – March 2021


LITE-SOIL at the IÖB Innovation Platform – In April 2020

LITE-SOIL in the March 2020 issue of Greenkeeper Journal


LITE-SOIL in the October issue of Greenkeeper Journal

LITE-SOIL on The Best Of Austria, Kronen Zeitung

New Business The Magazine for Entrepreneurs May 2020

New Business The Magazine for Entrepreneurs May 2020

Kompendium Sportplatz – Stadionwelt 2020

Export Today 24.4.2020

Leadersnet press clipping 15.4.2020

OÖ Kronen Zeitung 15.4.2020

Start up Valley 20.4.2020

Lobby der Mitte 16.4.2020

Der Brutkasten 14.4.2020

Trending Topics Press Clipping 14.4.2020

Unternehmerinnenaward 2020

Lite-Soil as a success story

Environmental Award Women in Technologyfor Dorothea Sulzbacher

ÖGUT Environmental Award 2019: Innovations awarded

B_I Galabau June 2019

TASPO Garten Design May/June 2019

OÖ Nachrichten June 2019

Greenkeeper Journal June 2019

Neue Landschaft June 2019

Taspo Baumzeitung May 2019

Floral Daily March 2019

Upper Austrian News November 2018

Greenkeepers Journal August 2018

Wiener Wirtschaft August 2018

B_I galabau April 2018

Baumzeitung April 2018

Die Presse 01.2018

August 2017

Espace Publique

Espace Publique & Paysage 11.2017

Neue Landschaft 6.2017

Silbermedaille – Taspo Garten-Design 3.2017

Greenkeepers Journal 2.2017

Umweltjournal 1.2017

Wiener Wirtschaft 9.12.2016 20.09.2016

Oberösterreichische Wirtschaft 16.09.2016

Wochenblick 8.9.2016

Oberösterreichische Kronen Zeitung 20.06.2016

Greenkeepers Journal 3.2018