LITE-SOIL products are novel textile-based water storage and distribution systems.

LITE-SOILproducts are novel textile-based water storage and distribution systems. They not only store water directly at the roots, but also bring air, strengthen the soil, increase the greening effect but reduce water consumption, surface felt, erosion and labour.

Our product groups for better greening are

Water storage in geotextile nets:
LITE-NET, LITE-NET Vegetation net, LITE-NET Distribution net and the LITE-NET Tree pit ner speziell für Bäume

Water storage in strips of geotextile:

Sustainable underground irrigation:

New are

Sustainable underground irrigation:

Root protection:

Filter mat against road salt:

LITE-SOIL products are based on water storage mats that have been tried and tested over many years. These environmentally friendly and high-strength geotextiles/nonwovens are made from sustainable polypropylene or biodegradable/compostable feedstocks such as wood fibre nonwoven (approx. 1 year) and PLA (approx. 5-10 years). Since these nonwovens consist of up to 90 % open, interconnected air pores, they are very good at capillary transfer of air and water on the one hand and also serve as effective water reservoirs. Due to the new design as a net (LITE-NET) or as strips (LITE-STRIPS), there are many new application possibilities as well as immense advantages. You can get these cost-effective LITE-SOILproducts – according to your requirements – in different sizes, colours and materials.