The effective underground irrigation system

The patented BLUELITE-NETsystem is a completely new and technically improved solution for water-saving subsurface irrigation for e.g. trees or athletics fields.

The combination consists of 2 elements: A voluminous nonwoven net (LITE-NET) and a nonwoven-protected irrigation tube (BLUELITE-TUBE) laid directly on it. Substrate is applied root-deep on top of this.



  • Up to 70% water saving compared to spray irrigation
  • Supplies roots precisely and evenly
  • Irrigation possible at any time, even if the area is currently being used
  • Roots can easily grow through the net openings
  • Easy to install and cut to size, less maintenance required
  • No evaporation, felting or waterlogging
  • Drip tube protected against root ingrowth, fines & vandalism

The water from the flexible irrigation pipe is evenly released via the non-woven covering into the LITE-NET below, where it is distributed over a large area in the root zone. In the process the water and earth contact area is mulitiplied a thousandfold. The robust non-woven covering protects the pipe openings against roots growing inside and against blockage by soil fines.

The underground irrigation reduces evaporation, felting, waterlogging and also soil surface treatment costs. Irrigation is possible at any time and continuously, even if the lawn is being used or mowed. Up to 70% water is saved in comparison to spray irrigation.

Due to the open and flexible net shape, roots can easily grow through the net openings and dock onto the 5 mm thick fleece net all around. This means that 100 % of the water stored in the capillary net is available to the plants. Since the system can be installed at any depth, plants can be optimally supplied even in the initial growth phase or in mixed crops optimally supplied with water.

For e.g. For trees, there is a ready-made drip irrigation hose including fleece protection with a diameter of approx. 50 cm (BLUELITE-RING) and for large areas the less flexible but more cost-effective BLUELITE-AGRI hose variant. For the use of own hoses, the protective nonwoven cover (BLUELITE-COVER) is also offered without hose.

For existing areas or plants, the fleece-protected irrigation hoses can also be installed without a fleece net.

Examples of use: Trees, slopes, green roofs, athletic fields, lawns, agriculture.



Box size (cm)

Weight kg/box

- BLUELITE-NET system 55 m²

(Laying in serpentine form)


55 m² 60 x 60 x 82 25

- BLUELITE-NET system 85 m²

(Laying in serpentine form)


85 m² 122 x 37 x 37
60 x 60 x 70
60 x 60 x 42

- BLUELITE-NET system 1200 m²

(Linear laying)

1200 m² 4 Pallets





100 m (for 55 m²)


16 pcs. á 25 m




10 pcs Ø 50 cm bluelite-ring


Standard roll PP C20

28/57/85 m²

LITE-NET Bio5 Water storage save water, water the garden

Technical data:

  1. Rivulis D5000 PCAS hose with 16 mm (13.8 / 15.83 mm), 0.5 - 3.5 bar, 40 mil (1.02 mm), 1.5 l/h, 30 cm dripper distance and maximum recommended length of 163 m.
  2. 5 mm thick water storage and distribution network. Maximum area 28-85 m².

Additional information


Tube selection

BLUELITE-COVER 16 pcs á 25 m, //, BLUELITE-TUBE 100 m, //, BLUELITE-RING 10 pcs á Ø 50 cm


5 mm

Order Sizes

1200 m², 55 m², 85 m²