LITE-NET Standard Bio5 PLA

The water distribution net

100 % biodegradable / compostable drainage net made of thick fleece.

The LITE-NET, which is installed root-deep in the soil, works like a net of water veins It distributes air and water over a large area at the root level and serves as a water reservoir for plants.


  • Stores water directly at the roots
  • Roots can grow through mesh openings
  • Extended watering intervals
  • Can be easily cut to size
  • Simple installation
  • Low weight
  • Optimal supply of the plants

If required, all the water is available to the roots, as the open net structure allows roots to grow through it without any problems and dock onto the nonwvoven all around. This also makes a very flexible, 3-dimensional installation possible. The 8 mm thick basic version stores up to 7 l of water per m².

In addition to the standard mesh size C20 with a diameter of approx. 13 cm, smaller meshes C14 with a diameter of approx. 9 cm are also available, e.g. for slope greening or LITE-NET vegetation nets.

The biodegradable LITE-NET is used, for example, for slope greening, LITE-NET growing nets, LITE-NET distribution nets and LITE-NET tree pit nets for trees, raised planting beds and larger plant troughs, vegetable beds or lawns.


LITE-NET for trees

Wrap a suitably cut piece of LITE-NET around the root ball to direct water & air from the surface directly to the roots. As an additional water reservoir for plants, place another LITE-NET horizontally in the tree pit. This ensures that the deep root space is optimally supplied.

As an additional water storage, place another LITE-NET horizontally in the tree pit. This ensures that the deep root space is optimally supplied.

Lawns, raised planting beds, athletic fields, slopes

Place the LITE-NET pulled apart and place soil over it root-deep (approx. 10 cm for lawns). Ideally mixed with LITE-STRIPS.

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6 mm

Roll C20

LITE-NET Standard Bio5 PLA
C20 = Cut 20 cm
Meshes = Ø13 cm


28 m²= 1.75 x 16.3 m, 57 m²= 3.5 x 16.3 m, 85 m²= 5.2 x 16.3 m


Agriculture, Athletic fields, Bäume, Böschungen, Hochbeete & Pflanzentröge, Landwirtschaft, Raised beds & planters, Rasen, Slopes, Sportplätze, Trees, Turf


Surface drainage