The water storage for plants close to the roots

LITE-STRIPS PP are 100% sustainable, reusable, 7 cm long strips of nonwoven that are simply mixed into the substrate. Up to 90% of the nonwoven volume can be filled with water and thus help plants through longer dry periods. 1 kg LITE-STRIPS PP store up to 10 l of plant-available water.


  • Water only half as often
  • Stores water directly at the roots
  • Substrate improvement
  • Sustainable greening
  • Simple and easy installation
  • Loosened and better aerated soil
  • Ideal substitute for peat
  • Low weight
  • Optimal supply of plants with water & air

Since water storage for plants is located directly near the roots, plants can access the water more easily and effectively when needed, extending watering intervals. The elongated LITE-STRIPS absorb water from the surface to the roots, make dense soil more permeable and function as a substrate enhancer.

The LITE-STRIPS PP are made from 100% sustainable, reusable, durable polypropylene. They are used in a wide range of applications.

Areas of application and installation instructions

Trees & bushes: Mix approx. 10-20 l per tree into the soil. LITE-STRIPS can be perfectly combined with LITE-NET.

Riased planting beds & plant troughs: For plant troughs mix about 5-10% of the volume into the soil, for raised planting beds about 5-10l/m² . You need to water less often, plants get water even in dry periods or holidays.

Athletic fields, flower beds, lawns, slopes: Mix approx. 0.5-1.0 l LITE-STRIPS per m² into the soil root-deep, e.g. using a rake.

Green roof: Mix approx. 1.0 l LITE-STRIPS per m² into the substrate.


Up to

50 l
(2,2 kg)
1 m3
(100 m² Lawn)
250 l
(11,2 kg)
5 m3
(500 m² Rasen)
1000 l
(45 kg)
20 m3
(2000 m² Lawn)

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5 mm, 6 mm


5 x 50l, Big Box (1m³), Box 250l


Agriculture, Green roofs, Lawn, Raised beds & plant troughs, Slopes, Sports fields, Trees