LITE-NET slope

Water reservoir for embankment

For slopes, the 100% biodegradable LITE-NET Bio1 (approx. 1-2 years) or Bio5 (approx. 5-10 years) is laid directly on the surface and ideally sprayed. It functions as a large-area water reservoir, whereby the meandering effect means that, in contrast to full-area mats, the water is stored in the net even on steeper slopes and is thus available to the plants at all times if required.


  • Stores water directly by the plants
  • Roots can grow through mesh openings
  • Erosion reduction
  • Extended watering intervals
  • Can be easily cut to size
  • Simple installation
  • Optimal supply of the plants

According to research conducted by the University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences, Vienna, a LITE-NET can store 6 times the amount of water in the long term compared to a coir net. This leads to a 50 % higher greening effect. In addition, erosion is reduced. Due to the flexible net shape, the LITE-NET fits very well to the surface, which is why it requires little fastening and is storm-proof. more infos: slopes.

The large-scale slope nets have an opening width of approx. 9 cm (C14) and a thickness of approx. 6 mm, Bio1 is also available in 4 mm.


The water reservoir for embankment LITE-NET is ideally suited for embankment greening and as erosion protection. For the vegetation phase they are laid above ground, for permanent use they are laid underground.

For start-up revegetation, the 100% biodegradable LITE-NET variants Bio1 or Bio5 are simply laid out on the slope surface, fastened and ideally covered by hydroseeding. Since the large-area nonwoven nets have a very high water storage capacity - 6 times higher than coir mats - plants are optimally supplied with collected and stored rainwater. According to Boku University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences studies, this also improves the greening effect by 50%.

The extremely flexible nonwoven nets adapt perfectly to the subsoil, thereby forming a stable micro relief parallel to the slope and thus reducing erosion. Due to the good interlocking, the LITE-NET requires little fastening. In addition, the net shape is storm-proof, unlike full-surface mats. On steeper slopes, the water storage nets can easily be secured with standard ground hooks.
Also due to the meander effect, the water storage capacity is additionally increased compared to full-surface mats, since water cannot run off in a fall line. Plant growth is promoted by direct light penetration and additional plants can be easily inserted in the net gaps.

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4 mm, 6 mm


50 m²= 3.5 x 14.3 m, 75 m²= 5.2 x 14.3 m


Lawn, Raised beds & plant troughs, Slopes, Sports fields