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LITE-CUBES – Water storage cubes for young plants

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LITE-CUBES are small nonwoven cubes (e.g. 12 x 12 x 6 mm), suitable for filling into growing pots. The inexpensive nonwoven cubes can either be added directly to the containers or also filled in already mixed with substrate.

Since the nonwoven cubes consist of up to 90% air voids, they can store a lot of water temporarily, which is available to the plants when needed. This means that watering intervals can be significantly extended. In addition, the substrate is loosened, the cubes also serve as a high-quality peat substitute.

Usually, about 5% vol. is used for growing pots. added to our LITE-CUBES Bio1 from fine cellulose threads, these are 100% biodegraded after about 1 year.


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