It’s already February! and the planting season begins!

Due to climate change, increasingly hot summers with less rain, it is important to pay attention to sustainable irrigation.
With above-ground irrigation, a lot of water is wasted, it evaporates or doesn’t go where it should, but instead seeps away somewhere.

The LITE-SOIL water storage and underground irrigation systems bring the water exactly where the plants need it: to the roots!

The LITE-NET fleece net stores up to 3 times more moisture in dry periods.
The following study carried out by Agro de Arend compares the water moisture around the root ball in trees with and without LITE-NET,
where irrigation was only provided by rain:

When it doesn’t rain, the soil (30 cm deep) around the root ball is up to three times moister with LITE-NET.

In addition, scientific studies at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna (BOKU) have shown that:

– The greening effect of LITE-NET on embankments is 50% greater than with coconut mats.
– LITE-NET stores up to 6 times more water than coconut mats in the long term

Another study also shows that water reservoirs mixed with soil in the form of LITE-STRIPS strips,
Can store up to 8 times more water than porous clay granules.

Water storage for plants

On the other hand, the innovative underground irrigation system BLUELITE-NET saves up to 70% water compared to conventional above-ground irrigation.
This is due to the lack of evaporation and the intelligent, even distribution of the water through the combination of its components:

A drip irrigation pipe covered with a special fleece, which protects the pipe and increases the water/soil contact a thousandfold
and in combination with a LITE-NET network, which distributes water and air evenly at the root depth.

LITE-SOIL Advantages:
Stores water directly in the roots
Long watering intervals
Easy installation and lightweight material
1 kg of material stores 10 l of water
Higher substrate permeability
2 in 1: irrigation and ventilation