For the aerification of lawns, LITE-STRIPS are inserted vertically into the subsoil from above. Since these fleeces consist of up to approx. 90% open, interconnected air pores, they can drain air and water very well on the one hand and also serve as a water reservoir.

Water absorbed on the surface as well as air is conducted through the open pores of the LITE-STRIPS into the subsoil. This prevents matting and roots are guided deeper into the soil. By rapidly draining water from the surface into the soil body, waterlogging and evaporation are reduced. This novel form of aerification offers long-lasting benefits.

In addition, Lite-Strips can also be mixed into the soil. Due to the extremely high storage capacity of the voluminous LITE-STRIPS, the plants are supplied with water in the long term and the intervals for artificial irrigation are increased dramatically. Even after compressed air aeration, simple and cost-effective permanent aeration using Lite-Strips is advantageous.