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SALFIXMAT: The filter mat for protection against road salt

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Salt, spread against black ice in winter, reaches the roots of trees and plants via the meltwater and causes so-called “salt stress”. The trees bloom later, get brown leaves earlier or die completely. It has to be replanted, which is associated with high costs.

The new SALFIX-MAT, a water-permeable filter mat, binds road salt for a long time and thus prevents tree damage and soil compaction. Trees survive the winter sustainably, avoiding expensive new plantings. Simply place a mat on the left and right of the trunk in the tree disc, creating a filter area of 2.0 x 2.0 or 3.0 x 3.0 m.

The 3-layer SALFIX-MAT consists of an ion exchange mixture packed between 2 robust filter fleeces. The salt is separated from the water and chemically bound in the aquatic textile.
If salt-contaminated water flows in from the side, the edge can also be folded over there by 20-30 cm so that two layers are created on the loaded edge with a higher buffer capacity.
The mat will work for many years depending on how much salt is filtered.

A tree disk covered with 4 m² of salt filter mats can – in addition to the mechanically filtered salt – chemically bind up to approx. 1 kg of salt, depending on the conditions.

Approximately 0.9 kg of this is permanently fixed and another approximately 0.2 kg of salt can be finely dosed again using pure water and washed out – thus unproblematic for plants – which in turn creates absorption capacity for the next winter season and thus the mat also has a long-lasting effect . The mat serves as a filter and protective layer and is UV-stabilized – however, for long-term use it should be covered with a water-permeable layer, e.g. gravel or grating.


+ Reduction of tree damage and soil compaction

+ Easy application

+ Cost savings due to avoidance of new plantings.

SalFix-Mat graphic
SalFix-Mat graphic

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