Spray greening

LITE-CUBES – Water storage cubes for slope greening

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The mix for a sprinkler system typically consists of water, mulch, soil amendments, fertilizer, tackifier, and seed. As a new and improved mulch material, LITE-CUBES Bio1 can be mixed in and applied by hydroseeder.

LITE-CUBES Bio1 are small fleece cubes (e.g. 12 x 12 x 6 mm) made of fine cellulose threads, these are 100% biodegraded after approx. 1 year.

Because the fleece cubes consist of up to 90% air voids, they can temporarily store a lot of water or other liquids, which are available to the plants when needed. This means that watering intervals can be significantly extended and dry periods can be better bridged.

An ideal combination are also our LITE-NET slope variants with sprinkler irrigation. The fleece nets can store a lot of water and reduce erosion.

Spray greening

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