Filter basin

Protection of the filter system against silting

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The performance and life of vegetated filtration systems can be improved with an underground drainage network.

The 6/8 mm thick LITE-NET is installed at a depth of approx. 5 cm, directly above the filter material and pulled up the slopes. Also when the filter bottom is silty, water can flow into the drainage network through the unsilty slopes, is distributed in it under the silt layer and then cleaned by the filter material.

The drainage network consists of a highly porous but robust nonwoven with large water conducting and storing capacity. Since the distribution net is not full coverage, there is no slippage on the slopes, roots can easily grow through the net openings and anchor themselves to the net all around. The water stored in the nonwoven net also helps the plants through dry periods.

The water network can be additionally connected to the distribution troughs or, alternatively, it can also be subsequently installed in an undulating manner in the case of basins that have already been sludged, which allows the water to pass through the sludge layer.

Filter basin

Areas of application:

  • Filter basin
  • Water protection facilities
  • Infiltration troughs
  • Bottom filter pool
  • Seepage basin
  • Retention soil filter
  • Reed bed treatment plant
  • Lawn hollow

For filter basins that have already been constructed, but are silty, the use of LITE-NETor LITE-STRIPS can allow the water to pass through the silt layer and into the filter layer.

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LITE-NET Silt Drainage