Surface drainage

Water drainage over a large area

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If the surface is permeable but the subsoil is impermeable, rainwater can be collected underground using highly porous non-woven drainage nets (LITE-NET) and channeled, for example, to a drainage pipe .

As the 6/8 mm thick LITE-NET does not cover the entire surface, there cannot be a sliding plane nor does it constitute a barrier for roots or earthworms. loading, e.g. from cars, are removed via the spaces between the nets – the surface does not spring and water is not squeezed out of the fleece. In the case of green areas, plants can access the water stored in the fleece during dry phases.

In the case of riding arenas, the LITE-NET be laid in a thin layer of sand directly under paddock mats or paddock panels and direct the water into a drainage pipe that is laid deeper. Due to the height difference, the drainage net effectively draws water into the drainage pipes.

Examples of applications: Riding grounds, roads, parking lots, retaining walls, water-related path coverings, lawn grills.


Drainage de surface
LITE-NET surface drainage

LITE-NET Drainage de la vase