Save water with underground irrigation

By installing our cost-effective BLUELITE-NET irrigation system underground (see page 7), there is no evaporation loss, UV damage, surface felting, damage caused by bites or vandalism. Due to the targeted supply close to the roots, not only water but also fertilizer can be saved.

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The drip irrigation pipes, which can be laid at any depth, are protected against roots growing inside and clogging by soil fines by means of a robust non-woven covering. In addition, the water is evenly distributed in the nonwoven and the water/soil contact area is increased a thousandfold. For curved installation, the BLUELITE-TUBE is used, and for straight installation, our cost-effective BLUELITE-AGRI.

The tubes can also be installed without the LITE-NET nonwoven net and subsequently, e.g. by means of slot drains and, due to the robust fleece coating, can also be retrieved from the ground and used several times.

Water storage for agriculture