Water for lawns

For lawns, both LITE-STRIPS can be used as substrate enhancement and near-root water storage, the large-area LITE-NET can be used for storage and distribution, and the water-saving BLUELITE-NET subsurface irrigation system can be used.

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LITE-NET: The large-area air and water distribution nets made of tension-resistant storage nonwovens (up to 90% pore content) are optimally laid at root depth in new construction or also subsequently in smaller areas. Due to the open shape of the mesh, the load is transferred to the subsoil via the soil structure in the spaces between the meshes. There can also be no fineparticle sealing and sliding layer as with full-area geotextiles. Roots can easily grow through the 13 cm mesh openings, anchor themselves to the mesh all around and, if necessary, use all the water stored in the mesh.

The LITE-NET PP bzw. LITE-NET Bio5 material variants are ideal for long-term use.

Water storage for plants

LITE-STRIPS: Reduce water consumption and quickly conduct air and water from the surface to the roots. This creates a type of permanent aerification with reduced soil compaction and surface felting. LITE-STRIPS do not only improve the stability of the base layer due to their thread structure. They can also rapidly absorb water in their pore structure, thus reducing harmful excess of pore water pressure under load.rtghjkl.- In addition, the base course becomes more permeable and the water storage capacity increases significantly.
LITE-STRIPS can be mixed into the substrate at root depth both in new construction and subsequently (e.g. by means of slot drainage). Approx. 0.5 – 1.0 l of LITE-STRIPS per m² are recommended.

For different duration of use, LITE-STRIPS is available in 3 material variants: Biodegradable (Bio1 und Bio5) or durable in PP. PP.

BLUELITE-NET: The LITE-NET water-conducting nonwoven net can be used with nonwoven protected drip irrigation pipes (BLUELITE-TUBE) to form a technically improved, cost-effective and water-saving underground irrigation system.
The robust nonwoven coating of the drip pipes, which are laid root-deep at a distance of approx. 60 cm, distributes the water, prevents root ingrowth and fine particle clogging, and increases the soil/water contact area a thousandfold. Lawns can also be walked on or mowed during irrigation.

LITE-NET and LITE-STRIPS für soccer fields, Upper-Austria