LITE-SOIL products are novel textile-based water storage and distribution systems. They not only store water directly at the roots, but also bring air, strengthen the soil, increase the greening effect but reduce water consumption, surface felt, erosion and labour.

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The LITE-SOIL products are based on water storage mats that have been tried and tested over many years. These environmentally friendly and high-strength geotextiles/fleeces are made of sustainable polypropylene or biodegradable/compostable raw materials such as wood fibre fleece (approx. 1 year) and PLA (approx. 5-10 years). As these nonwovens consist of up to 90% open, interconnected voids, they are very good at capillary transfer of air and water and also serve as effective water storage.

Due to the new design as net (LITE-NET) or as stripes (LITE-STRIPS) many new application possibilities as well as immense advantages result.

You can obtain these cost-effective LITE-SOIL products – according to your requirements – in various sizes, colours and materials.


The water reservoirs close to the roots

The 7 cm long LITE-STRIPS make dense soil more permeable and serve mainly as water storage and substrate improvement. For this purpose, the thick fleece strips are mixed into the soil to root depth (depending on the application, between 2 and 10 % volume for planters or 0.5 – 1.0 l/m² for lawns). Up to 90 % of the fleece volume can be filled with water, thus helping plants to survive longer dry periods.

Depending on the variant – biodegradable or non-biodegradable – LITE-STRIPS can be used in a wide variety of applications, especially for plant troughs, rolled turf, green roofs, sports fields, lawns, raised beds and aerification.

LITE-CUBES are available in a special small cube shape for spray greening, green roofs, growing pots and aerification.


for spray greening, green roofs, growing pots and aerification.

LITE-CUBES are available in a special small cube shape for spray greening, green roofs and growing pots.

For aerification, LITE-CUBES  are swept into the aeration holes.  This new type of aerification offers long-term benefits.


The water distributing net

LITE-NET, which is installed root-deep in the ground, works like networked water veins. It distributes air and water over a large area at root level and serves as a water reservoir. If required, all the water is available for the roots, since the open net structure allows roots to grow through it without any problems and dock to the fleece all around. A very flexible, 3-dimensional installation is also possible. The 8 mm thick basic version stores up to 7 l of water per m².

In addition to the standard mesh size C20 with a diameter of approx. 13 cm, there are also smaller meshes C14 with a diameter of approx. 9 cm available for e.g. embankment greenery or growth nets.

The biodegradable LITE-NET is used for e.g. embankment greening, growth nets and distribution nets for trees, raised beds and larger plant troughs, vegetable beds or lawns.

The permanent variants are used e.g. as a distribution component for underground irrigation systems, as well as for sports fields, green roofs, tree pit inserts, vineyards, lawns, embankment greening and filter basins.

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LITE-NET vegetation net

the vegetation net for trees

As a start-up support for rooting the tree (planting new trees) the LITE-NET in its version as a vegetation net is placed directly around the root bales. The vegetation net can consist of long-lasting polypropylene or biologically degradable raw material such as wood fibre or PLA. An ideal combination is the addition of irrigation bags or a tree watering reservoir, whose water can be directed to the roots through the vegetation net in an efficient, fast and regular way.


LITE-NET Anwachsnetz

LITE-NET distribution net

The net for trees to grow and thrive

LITE-NET  distribution net placed underneath the vegetation net leads air, water & roots into the width and serves as additional water storage. It can also be used to guide roots under paved surfaces, drain tree pits and increase the stability of the tree.

For pipe irrigation, a two layer installation of the LITE-NET distribution net is recommended, as it collects and stores excess water – which otherwise flows inefficiently past the root ball – and brings it to the roots.


The active subsurface irrigation

The active BLUELITE-NET system is a completely new and technically improved solution for water-saving underfloor irrigation for e.g. trees or sports fields.

It consists of  3 elements:

1 a drip irrigation TUBE

2 BLUELITE-COVER, a protective geotextile cover for the tube which distributes water into the

3 LITE-NET where it is distributed over a large area at root depth. 


The BLUELITE-COVER distributes the water linearly along the irrigation tube, while increasing the water / soil contact area by a factor of 1,000 and protects the tube openings against root ingrowth and blockage caused by soil fines.

The BLUELITE-COVER for the irrigation pipe therefore has several functions:

  • protection of the openings of the irrigation pipe against ingrowth of plant roots
  • water distribution in longitudinal direction of the irrigation pipe (important for soil mix)
  • contact or water transfer to the distribution network
  • a thousandfold increase in the contact area of water with the ground
  • mechanical protection of the irrigation pipe
  • if the irrigation pipe fails, it can be replaced in-situ with a new one

Subsurface irrigation eliminates evaporation, felting and surface waterlogging, reducing the cost of surface treatment. Irrigation is possible at any time and throughout, even if the lawn is being used or mowed. Because of the open and flexible shape of the net, there is no barrier at all; it can be laid at any depth, as plant roots can easily grow through or anchor themselves around the net, thus extracting 100% of the water stored in the net when needed. Even during the growth phase or in a plant mix, the plants are optimally supplied. Compared to spray irrigation, up to 70% water is saved.

If desired, the BLUELITE-COVER can also be delivered without an irrigation pipe and other pipes can be inserted yourself.

Bewässerung unterirdisch LITESOIL BLUELITENET









The disadvantage of conventional drip irrigation pipes when laid underground is the risk of clogging of the nozzles by fine particles and roots in the soil and uneven water distribution. Therefore, these pipes are usually laid above ground. There, however, they are often damaged, so that a sufficient supply of water is no longer guaranteed.

Hence THE solution with the BLUELITE-RING: In existing trees, the BLUELITE-RING – a fleece-coated irrigation pipe – is led around the trunk in a ring shape at a depth of approx. 5-10 cm and connected with a branch line. For new tree plantings the BLUELITE-RING is placed on a LITE-NET growth net. In this way the water is effectively and evenly directed to the roots.

Further advantages: No clogging of the irrigation holes by roots or fine particles. The escaping water is capillary distributed in the fleece coat and irrigates the environment evenly over a very large contact area. Protection of the irrigation pipes against vandalism and UV influence. Personnel costs and water consumption are significantly reduced.

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LITE-NET Anwachsnetz


The versatile water distributor

The cost-effective active underground irrigation BLUELITE-AGRI, a fleece-covered that can also be laid in the ground without a distribution network, has been specially designed for retrofitting in existing plantations and for larger green areas and fields. The easiest way to lay it is to use devices for slotted drainage.

BLUELITE-AGRI is a cost-effective combination of a drip irrigation hose with a protective, distributing and water-storing fleece coating and is installed underground at root depth in the soil.

BLUELITE-AGRI is intended for use in existing vineyards, vegetable and fruit plantations or fields. It can also be used on any lawn, trees, bushes or in larger plant troughs.

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The biodegradable root protection

Most damage to trees occurs on construction sites. Although tree protection is required by numerous laws and standards, roots are still often torn off and damaged by construction vehicles.

The consequential damage is enormous and can range from dying to falling trees.

Our LITE-ROOTPROTECT root bandage consists of a 10 cm wide roll of 100% biodegradable water storage fleece. It is simply wrapped around the exposed roots and moistened. The wider Lite-LITE-ROOTPROTECT M and L can be used optimally as a root curtain. It holds water much better than conventional building site fleeces or jute mats. In combination with our fleece-covered drip irrigation hose at the top edge, moisture retention can also take place automatically.


Not only protects against sun and damage, but also keeps the roots permanently moist! LITE-ROOTPROTECT is 100% biodegradable and therefore does not have to be dismantled again.

Baustellen Bäume Schutz Wasserspeicher

LITE-ROOTPROTECT as  root bandage



The protecting filter mat against road salt

The protecting filter mat against road salt

Salfix-Mat is simply inserted into the tree disc – the water-permeable filter mat binds road salt for many years. This prevents tree damage and soil compaction.

Trees survive the winter sustainably and new plantings are avoided.


+ Reduction of tree damage and soil compaction

+ Simple applications

+ Cost savings through avoidance of new plantings

SALFIX-MAT for protection against road salt