Raised planting beds & troughs

Less frequent watering by means of water storage close to the roots

For raised planting beds and planting pots, about 5-10% by volume of the extremely water retentive LITE-STRIPS is mixed into the soil. This improves the mixture and makes it more permeable. The water stored in the approx. 7 cm long nonwoven STRIPS is 100% available to the roots when needed and watering intervals are increased. LITE-STRIPS can also not be overwatered, they are ideal for peat-free soil. 1 kg of LITE-STRIPS store up to 10 l of water. 1 kg of LITE-STRIPS store up to 10 l of water.

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LITE-STRIPS help plants get through longer periods of drought. Before an upcoming absence (eg, vacation or business trip) simply water the plants more than usual. It also applies to facade greenery without water supply or pots in cemeteries, so you do not have to water them so often. LITE-STRIPS store the excess water and release it when the soil becomes dry.

The cost-effective LITE-STRIPS are available in 3 different materials. There are the durable and often reusable LITE-STRIPS PP, one after about 5-10 years (LITE-STRIPS Bio5) and one after about one year (LITE-STRIPS Bio1) 100% biodegradable / compostable variant.

LITE-STRIPS application

For better water and air distribution, prefabricated LITE-NET nonwoven nets can also be installed in large plant troughs, raised beds or graves. The thick none-woven nets consist of approx. 90% air pores and can store water very well and use their capillary action. They are laid at the depth of the roots and raised laterally.

Examples of use: Raised beds, troughs for vertical greenery, large planting troughs for trees, balcony plants, graves.

LITE-NET as well as LITE-STRIPS for raised planting beds

LITE-NETas well as LITE-STRIPSfor raised beds

LITE-STRIPS plant troughs

LITE-NET plant trough palm tree

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LITE-NET plant troughs