Vegetation aid and erosion control

The LITE-NET is ideal for slope greening and as erosion protection. For the initial growth phase they are laid above ground, for permanent use they are laid underground.

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For start-up revegetation, the 100% biodegradable LITE-NET variants Bio1 or Bio5 are simply laid out on the slope surface, fastened and ideally covered by hydroseeding. Since the large-area non-woven nets have a very high-water storage capacity – 6 times higher than coir mats – plants are optimally supplied with collected and stored rainwater. According to Boku University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences studies, this also improves the greening effect by 50%. The extremely flexible nonwoven nets adapt perfectly to the subsoil, thereby forming a stable micro relief parallel to the slope and thus reducing erosion. Due to the good interlocking, the LITE-NET requires little fastening. In addition, the net shape is storm-proof, unlike full-surface mats.

On steeper slopes, the water storage nets can be easily secured with standard ground hooks. Also due to the meander effect, the water storage capacity is additionally increased compared to full-surface mats, since water cannot run off in a fall line. Plant growth is promoted by direct light penetration and additional plants can be easily inserted in the net gaps.

According to research conducted by the University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences, Vienna (BOKU):

  • the LITE-NET stores about twice as much water as a usual coconut mat,
  • after 24h remains even about. 6 times more water in the nonwoven net than in the coconut mat.
  • the greening effect with LITE-NET is more than 50% higher than with the coconut mat variant
  • the patented vegetation net is much more flexible than the coconut mat, therefore it adheres better to the slope surface and thus prevents erosion more strongly

Thus, the new type of fleece net can water the young plants significantly more and more persistent. Because of this optimized irrigation, plants grow much better on a LITE-NET slope.

Water storage for plants
Water storage for slope
Water storage for slope

Permanent greening and irrigation

For long-term slope greening, the permanent LITE-NET variants Bio5 or PP are laid at root depth (approx. 10-15 cm for grass).

Due to the improved plant growth and because the roots grow through the net openings and anchor themselves to the net, largescale surface stabilization is created. Water is evenly distributed in the net and stored close to the roots.

For subsurface slope irrigation non-woven-protected drip irrigation tubes (BLUELITE-TUBE) are laid directly onto the LITE-NET laid at the root depth across the direction of fall. With the BLUELITE-NET combination, slopes are irrigated properly, cost-effective, without vandalism, permanently and without evaporation. The open net form does not create a sliding plane, on the contrary, the stability of the slope is supported.

In order to quickly get water running off the slope surface into the subsoil, additional LITE-STRIPS can be mixed into the soil. These make the soil more permeable to air, store water directly at the roots and stabilise the topsoil cover like tensile inserts.

Project France: LITE-NET slope irrigation(aerial view)

Project of the city of Vienna: LITE-NET slope greening